Cabaret Team

Gary Beestone

Project Director

Chris Hay

Production Manager

George Cook

Prologue Production Manager

Oli Bagwell Purefoy

Associate Production Manager

Claire Sibley

Company Stage Manager

Emma Tooze

Deputy Stage Manager

Stefani Zivanic

Stage Manager


Assistant Stage Managers

Charlotte Simpson

Head of Wardrobe

Laura Watkins

Deputy Head of Wardrobe

Beth Crossan & Jessica Ross

Senior Wardrobe Assistants

Ali Bell, Bethany Hayward & Faye Shortall

Wardrobe Assistants

Charlotte Higlett & Davey String


Jackie Saundercock

Head of Wigs, Hair & Make-Up

Emma O'Hanlon

Deputy Head of Wigs, Hair & Make-Up

Elizabeth Clinton & Francesca Tansley

Wigs Assistants

Casper Ikeda

Head of Sound

Annemarie Tischer

Deputy Head of Sound

Molly Linfield

Sound No 3

Alex Baker

Sound No 4

Blair Omond

Head of Lighting

Elysia So

Deputy Head of Lighting

Dan Gardner

Head of Automation

Chi De Marinis

Deputy Head of Automation

Luke Mason

Tech Swing

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